Isometric Exercise?

Powerball Isometric Exercise Device   Powerball is the world’s most revolutionary isometric exercise device. Combining science and precision engineering to allow punishing isometric resistance training & rehabilitation. In […]

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What is a Gyroscope?

Powerball® is a gyroscope but what exactly is that? What is a gyroscope? Well, an agreed definition is… ‘A device consisting of a wheel, disc or rotor mounted […]

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Drum Endurance & Strength Training

Powerball Drum Endurance

Cure Drumming Pain & Increase Endurance Play Longer > Play Harder > Play Healthier Powerball should be every drummer’s best friend. As an art form, drumming places exceptional […]

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Pain from playing Guitar?

Pain from playing Guitar? Play Longer > Play Harder > Play Healthier Guitar play can cause repetitive strain injuries (RSI) anywhere in the upper limbs but is most […]

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Powerball World Championships

Powerball®, Usain Bolt and our World Championships Unfortunately we have not been able to afford to sponsor Usain Bolt (we have been informed unreliably that he uses Powerball® […]

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Tennis Elbow Rehab Exercises

Elbow Pain image, man holding sore elbow

Tennis Elbow Exercise/ Lateral Epicondylitis Treatment and Rehabilitation Finding the correct tennis elbow exercise program can be a difficult task. Many people have visited physios and doctors to […]

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